Whether it's getting your car wheels powdercoated to look as good as new or furniture you are trying to turn vintage or just add a spruce up before a party.

Safeway Sandblaster is experienced and known  as the premiere Powder Coat and Powder Coater along with Sandblasting Specialist in Los Angeles, CA.  

The professional sandblasting services that you'll get when you work with Safeway Sandblaster can help speed up any project, saving you time and energy, as opposed to traditional sanding. 


At Safeway Sandblaster and Powder Coating, we use a variety of different surface preparation medias to strip surfaces.  Our primary media, sand, has many common uses, including:  automotive parts, wheel rims, art sculptures, furniture restoration, gate restoration, glass, and many others.  The proper media that is used is important to the protection of the surface material and also to the desired look you want to achieve.  

Safeway Sandblaster & Powder Coating is the premiere sandblasting and  powder coating place in Southern California.  Located in West, Los Angeles, Safeway is family owned and operated.  Our focus is always on quality and service that will exceed expectations.  If you are looking for high temperature coating services for your parts, arts, furniture, supplies, or other, Safeway Sandblaster is the source for your powder coating and surface preparation services in Los Angeles County, California.

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